Today is election day in the U.S., the day to make your voices heard in this contentious 2016 presidential election, and celebrities are urging people to vote.


Social media has been a huge part of the campaigning process for president this year, and for the past few days and today, celebs have been urging people to vote for their candidate of choice – mostly Hillary Clinton.

So I’ve taken the plunge. I’m on Instagram. And I can’t help myself but ask you to take a plunge too: VOTE. For Hillary Clinton. We cannot under any circumstances by action or inaction allow Trump to become President of America. The consequences will be catastrophic for the world and for women. Regardless of your feelings about Hillary, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the rights of women everywhere. This may be the most important action you take in your lifetime because its impact one way or another will have reverberations across the world and for generations to come. So, if you can show me that you’ve voted for Hillary or if you have convinced a person of age to vote for Hillary, celebrate your activism by using the #SheVote hashtag. Stand with me. Vote with me. Because #ImWithHer.

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