With Hurricane Sandy ravaging the East Coast, celebrities took to Twitter to express their concern for those in harm’s way. And while some celebs poked fun at the hurricane, most tweets struck a serious tone. After all, you don’t mock Mother Nature, especially when it comes in the form of one of the biggest storms to ever hit the country. Here are some of Uinterview’s favorite tweets about the “Frankenstorm,” as Sandy has been dubbed.

10. 9 months from now hopefully we will have some cool Hurricane Sandy babies! — @mindykaling

9. Trying to calculate what represents a more serious threat to my health – Hurricane #Sandy or Van Pursestrings scoring on Saturday. — @piersmorgan

8. Everything is cancelled. I'm in my pajamas cooking. I already made meatloaf and baked rigatoni. Stay safe & stay dry. #Sandy — @JoyVBehar

7. Thinking of friends in NYC, where wind gusts could reach 80 mph later today. Flooding already being reported there by CNN. #Frankenstorm — @GeorgeTakei

6. Brady keeps looking outside saying "sandy is coming". I didn't know what he was talking about until I realized who Sandy was. #frankenstorm — @MelissaJoanHart

5. Why is every woman in my life making the acquiring of Wine the main #Frankenstorm priority? — @questlove

4. Stay safe, East coast. #sandy — @Jon_Favreau

3. Flying home from east coast and #Sandy. Wish I could bring all in harms way with me. #StaySafe — @RobLowe

2. We've been jumping to the conclusion that #Sandy is a girl. Could easily be an angry blonde 70's dude w/a handlebar. Explains the rage. — @AnaGasteyer

1. This is a good time to read a book and do a 3 day cleanse. #sandy — @QtipTheAbstract (Q Tip)

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