Celebrities and politicians alike took to Twitter to express their joy over the Supreme Court decisions to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and effectively gut California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8. DOMA had restricted federal marriage benefits to opposite-sex couples and required that the inter-state marriage recognition be restricted to opposite-sex marriages. Prop. 8 dictated that only opposite-sex marriages would be legally recognized in California. Here’s a sample of the reaction:

President Barack Obama:

Lady Gaga

Lt. Gov. of California Gavin Newsom:

Ben Affleck:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson:

Lena Dunham:

George Takei:

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Ricky Martin:

Piers Morgan:

Kristen Bell – who previously said she would not get married until marriage equality was law in California:

Mark Ruffalo:

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