The notoriously unlucky day of the month is back. From watching binge watching Jason Voorhees, to getting cheap flash tattoos, to avoiding everything and anything on the superstitious day, everyone has a different way of getting through Friday the 13th.

Celebrities took to Twitter today to share their thoughts on Friday the 13th.

Korean pop star and member of the K-Pop group Super Junior Yesung shared with fans to “be careful of Jason,” in reference to the cult favorite film series Friday The 13th.

YouTube personality Jason Eugene V, better known as his YouTube name FaZeJev, shared he’s skeptical about the day since it had a normal start, he’s expecting to “fall down [his] stairs.”


Former defensive player for the St. Louis Rams Adam Carriker says that he used to be scared of Friday the 13th, but now that he has kids everyday is scary to him.


However, some celebrities are not so scared, matter of fact they are having a better day than most.

On My Block star Diego Tinoco reveals that the show got renewed for a second season today, so it was “not too bad of luck being Friday the 13th”.


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Another YouTube personality, Jacksepticeye, that he isn’t buying into the superstition because he was able to get Burger King delivered straight to his door.


Some stars are completely opposed the legend of Friday the 13th, believing it’s just another day.

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Ricky Gervais calls today “irrational, superstitious nonsense” and that even if there was bad luck “Jesus would save you.”


Noted astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson came from a logical stand point, saying it was just as common  as “Thursday the 12th.”


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