Yesterday, October 16, was the annual holiday of National Boss's Day, so if you missed it, go ahead and start packing up your desk.

Just kidding — we're sure you have a civil, if not downright chummy, relationship with your boss, which is why you to enthusiastically beelined to Hallmark when you remembered the upcoming celebration to handpick one of their 75 varieties of greeting cards for National Boss's Day.

And you have Patricia Bays Haroski to thank, a secretary for State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Ill., in 1958, when she officially registered the National Boss's Holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, reports the Better Business Bureau.

The date of October 16 wasn't arbitrary, either. It was the birthday of her father, who also happened to be her boss! The holiday took off over the next few decades, and it's now internationally observed in such nations as England, Australia and South Africa.

And while Patricia Bays Haroski had an exemplary rapport with her father / boss (as you do, of course), this seems like the perfect occasion to shed light on some of the employer / employee relationships that have leaned the other way in big- and small-screen portrayals, beginning with last year's strongly titled Horrible Bosses, in which Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, set out to systematically and sadistically terrorize their hapless respective employees, Charlie Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis.

Other famous portrayals of bad, self-centered or just downright obnoxious bosses include Madeleine Stowe's Victoria Grayson in Revenge, Steve Carell's Michael Scott (lovable, but annoying all the same) in The Office, and the grandmama of all employee nightmares, Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.

On that note, happy day-after National Boss's Day.

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