On Mother’s Day, celebrities took to Twitter to wish their mothers and wives, and mothers everywhere a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Kerry Washington, including all mothers in her Mother’s Day tweet, wrote, “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you moms, God-moms, step-moms, pet moms, Other Mothers, etc! (that means YOU TOO movie mom x 2 –> @s_epatha XOXO)” Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet was decidedly less inclusive, tweeting “Happy mothers day to my mom Jamey ONLY. You other mothers are on your own.”

Actor Jamie Bell gave wife Evan Rachel Wood a special shout out, writing, “I’d like to wish my incredible wife @evanrachelwood a happy Mother’s Day! Her first one! Here’s to you darling. X”

Safe Haven’s Julianne Hough had a lot of women to thank this Mother’s Day .“Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful Sisters @katherineh82 @shareewise @marabethpoole and to my loving two moms @marriannnelson and @debrahough,” she wrote. “I am so grateful to have these strong examples of what being a wonderful mother means! Love, honesty, compassion, strength, leadership, kindness, generosity, energy, selflessness, fun, passion… The list goes on! Everyone’s mother has the chance to be the most amazing mother. Looks like I scored in the mom department! Xoxo.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt, paid tribute to all mothers, including those like hers who have already past. “Happy Mother’s Day to all those with us and those looking down on us from heaven," she tweeted. "Nothing is better than a wonderful mother. I had the best."

Less sentimental was Girls writer and star Lena Dunham, who wrote, “I love you mom. This Mother’s Day I’m giving you your F-CKING SPACE.” And Zach Braff simply wrote, “Moms! Thanks for making us!”

Famous mom to Reality TV’s first family, Kris Jenner, was thankful for her own Mother’s Day wishes. “Wow thank you dolls for all the amazing Mothers Day wishes!!” she tweeted. “You are amazing and I wish all the Moms out there an amazing day filled w love.”

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