Moments after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia caused tremors all along the east coast on Tuesday, including New York City, celebrities started sending out signals of their own on Twitter. While many expressed surprise and doubt before official reports of the quake could be released, soon the messages trended toward offerings of prayer and concern. Still other celebs, especially those who have lived on in Los Angeles or elsewhere on the West Coast, made jokes about the unlikely East Coast event.

Kathy Griffin: “Me on ph in my NYC hotel room “uh, I think we’re having an earthquake right now” My Mom “You’re nuts, it’s just windy” TIP IT!”

Adam Levine: "Happy to have been here for the most freakish earthquake Washington DC has ever seen."

Leighton Meester: "Earthquake!! Crazy"

Mandy Moore: "woah…earthquake madness! hope everyone on the east coast is safe and sound."

Snooki: "Omg earthquakeeeee"

Lance Bass: “Ironic that I happen to be in LA when NYC has a quake. I wonder when the churches are going to start blaming the earthquake on NY’s legalized gay marriage?”

Kreayshawn: “East Coast welcome to the West coast where it’s always shakin’!”

Rachel Zoe: “Shocked over the NYC earthquake…sending my thoughts and love to everyone there. xoRZ”

Kim Zolciak : “I hope everyone is ok from the #earthquake”