Free Comic Book Day is this coming Saturday, May 6, and various comic book stores are doing special giveaways and events.


Participating stores usually give out free specially-produced comics. This year’s Free Comic Book Day titles include popular characters such as Wonder WomanThe Guardians of the GalaxyTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesArchieBarbieBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and Underdog. Also included is the first installment of Marvel’s most recent crossover, Secret Empire.

Secret Empire imagines a world in which Captain America betrays his team, the Avengers, and the evil Hydra rises to power. “I was always a big fan of stories like Man in the High Castle, or even in the Marvel universe we had done stories like Age of Apocalypse or Age of Ultron that had shown villainous take-overs of various kinds, but they were usually alternate realities or alternate time lines, things like that,” said Marvel writer Nick Spencer told IGN. “So a big part of my pitch was, ‘what if we really do it this time? What if the bad guys win, and there’s a jump in time, and then we see what the country and what the world looks like after they’ve won?'”

Wil Wheaton, famous for playing Wesley in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a spokesperson for Free Comic Day and created a video to invite all his followers and comic book fans to participate. “If you cannot extrapolate what a thing is by breaking its name down into its component parts, I’m gonna do that for you,” he jests. “It is a day when you can go into your fav comic retailer and collect free comic books.”

Find a participating store near you here!

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