Cathy Yan may be the first Asian woman to direct a major superhero film.

DC Entertainment is on it’s way to create an all-female movie highlighting Harley Quinn. Reports say the film will be based on the Birds of Prey comic, with Margot Robbie gearing up as Quinn. The comic has the characters Black Canary, Batgirl, Huntress, Poison Ivy and Catwoman teaming up with Quinn and others. It hasn’t been confirmed that all of these characters will be in the film, but reportedly it will be a female-driven movie. Robbie’s character first made her appearance in Suicide Squad co starring with Will Smith and Viola Davis.


Robbie has pushed the studio to have a female director for the film.The deal hasn’t been finalized but if it goes through Yan will be the first Asian woman to direct a DC film. Patty Jerkins, director of Wonder Woman, was the first woman and now Ava Duvernay is set to direct DC’s The New Gods. The script was written by Christina Hodson, who was recently chosen to write the Batgirl movie.

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Yan previously worked for the Wall Street Journal as a reporter and directed the independent film Dead Pigs.

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