“She had it coming, she had it coming, she only had herself to blame…”, or did she? Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed that she injured her foot at home while putting up Christmas decorations.

On December 6, the Chicago actress posted a video on Instagram showing her foot icing in bed writing, “Ziplock Zeta foot fashion! Ice ice baby.”

“So I was putting up my Christmas decorations and an iron rod that’s supposed to be a sculpture – that I don’t even like – fell on my foot, and it hurts,” said Zeta-Jones. “Happy Sunday!”

On Monday. the 51 year-old posted a funny meme to her Instagram account stating that her foot was still in pain and it was not the day to work out or clean the house. “Especially now with my holiday decoration injury,” she wrote.

It had not even been a week later since the actress stated that she was very excited about the holidays when she posted a video to her Instagram of late actress Vera-Ellen from 1954’s White Christmas. Zeta-Jones wrote, “Waking up on December 1st like Vera-Ellen. I am so ready for the holidays!!”

Later on Monday, Zeta-Jones posted a video of her Christmas tree and decorations complete and by the look of them, it looks like her injury was almost worth it because they were a truly beautiful and festive display.

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