Castle, ABC’s hit crime dramedy, came to an end Monday night after eight successful seasons.

‘Castle’ Finale

In the Castle finale, LokSat devised a scheme that separated Rick (Nathan Fillion) and Kate (Stana Katic) and intended to dispatch one after the other. Somehow, however, Rick is saved from a lethal injection at the last moment, and then manages to help Kate escape certain death with a plastic gun. After beating the odds for survival, the married pair returns home – and are met by Caleb. Caleb shoots Castle in the chest. When Kate runs into the room, he turns his gun on her, they both fire and they’re both hit. Caleb dies immediately, and the wounded Kate and Rick crawl towards each other and clasp hands.

Do they make it?

Seven years later, Rick and Kate are as happy and in love as ever and out to brunch with their three kids. “Always.” “Always,” they say, echoing their wedding vows.

Following the airing of Castle‘s finale, showrunners Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter put out a note for their devoted fans who are sad to see the show end.

“While we’re still trying to process all the emotions stirred up by recent events, the feeling that stands head and shoulders above all else, is gratitude,” Hawley and Winter wrote in their letter.. “Eight seasons. A hundred and seventy three episodes. None of it would have been possible without you — our loyal and passionate fans. You are the reason this show survived and thrived. Without you carving out ‘Castle Mondays’ every week, we would never have been able to make the show we love for as long as we did. So thank you. And thanks to Andrew Marlowe for creating such a delightful world, centered around a love story for the ages.”

They added, “It was an honor and privilege to shepherd the story of Castle and Beckett this season. And finally, thank you to our cast and crew, who have been our family for these last eight years. Who elevated every script by investing the best of themselves into each episode. We will miss you profoundly.”

It was announced last month that Katic was leaving Castle whether or not the show was renewed for a ninth season. While Fillion was apparently determined to stick around, ABC announced its decision to cancel the show last week.