Eighteen years after the debut of NBC’s Will & Grace, the cast has reunited, resulting in a wave of teaser Instagram and Twitter posts from the four lovable actors.


Debra MessingEric McCormack, and Sean Hayes went to visit co-star Megan Mullally and husband Nick Offerman‘s comedy show on Monday. All seemed nice and normal when Messing posted a cute reunion picture of the four stars of Will & Grace.

Only smiling because of where Eric’s hand is! #ericmccormack @seanhayes @meganomullally

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But shortly after, the whole crew began posting some photos seemingly on the old set of Will & Grace with intriguing captions. It seems the four are teasing something they are working on. Or as Messing says in her tweet, “I feel like something BIG is going to happen.”

They then all hinted at perhaps an I Love Lucy tribute, with all four of them posting the logo for “Hot Food” with the name of a Lucy character underneath, namely Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. Considering Oct. 15 marks the 65 year anniversary of the classic Lucille Ball show, a reboot might be in the cards. And if we are reading the tweets correctly, there could be a Messing as Lucy, McCormack as Ricky, Mullally as Ethel, and Hayes as Fred. Stay tuned, as all will surely be revealed very soon.

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