The whereabouts of Casey Kasem, the well-known former American DJ, are still unknown after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge named his daughter Kerris Kasem his temporary conservator.

Casey Kasem Missing

Kasem, who has long suffered from Parkinson’s disease, has been in the care of his wife, Jean Kasem. His children from a previous marriage have been trying to attain a temporary conservatorship, as they believed that Jean does not have their father’s best interests at heart, reported CNN.

"There is no communication between Jean and us and his daughters," brother Mouner Kasem said in a petition last year in which Julie Kasem and her husband Dr. Jamil Abouhosn tried to seek control. "We have no knowledge of how he is, what he's doing, if he's better, if he's worse, and we're scared that we'll never see him again."

On Monday, Jean Kasem’s attorney told a judge during a hearing that he did not know where his client nor her husband were, admitting that the latter had been moved from Los Angeles without his children being informed, reported ABC News. The judge then ordered an investigation to determine where Kasem is now being kept. The Kasem children believe that Jean could have brought him to a Washington state Indian reservation.

Kerri Kasem Granted Conservatorship

"Justice was finally served! I just won temporary conservatorship over my father's healthcare. We have been vindicated by the court. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes and support through this entire ordeal," Kerri Kasem posted on her Facebook page after the judge’s order.

She added, "I believe my father's wife fled the country (or possibly went to an Indian Reservation) with my Dad because she knew I would win in court today. The judge ordered, Adult Protective Services, the PVP Attorney and the police to look for him. Please pray that he is safe."

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