Casey Kasem, the famed radio DJ, has finally been buried six months after his death at age 82.

Casey Kasem Buried

Kasem was interred at Vestre Gravlund in Oslo, Norway, on Dec. 16, reported TMZ. There was a small ceremony, though Kasem’s kids were not in attendance, as they were not invited. Kasem’s surviving wife, who’s been feuding with the children, reportedly did not tell them about the burial arrangements.

Jean buried him without telling the kids,” Kerri Kasem‘s rep said in a statement to ABC News. “She does not have to tell them since she is the conservator over his remains.”

The rep added, “Clearly the family is not happy, but they are also at peace knowing that they got to spend his final moments with him.”

Kasem’s children had been trying for months to have their father buried in Los Angeles, where they believe he would have preferred to have been laid to rest. In August, they appealed to Norway to have his body returned to the United States.

“As beautiful as your country is, our father has never spoken of any desire to be buried in Norway either to us or to his friends,” the family stated in a letter to Norway’s government. “In fact, it was the opposite. Casey wanted to be buried in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, his home of over 53 years.”

The protracted battle between Jean Kasem and Kasem’s children began prior to the DJ’s death. The children alleged at the time that their step-mother was keeping them from visiting their father and was negligent in regard to his care.

Kasem died on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014. He had been suffering from Lewy body dementia.

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