Casey Kasem, 82, legendary radio personality, is currently in critical condition at St. Anthony Hospital in Washington.

This news comes after Kasem’s wife, Jean Kasem, was caught on video throwing raw hamburger meet at his daughter, Kerri Kasem. Kasem has been at the center of a legal battle between his wife and daughter, who filed for conservatorship alleging that Jean had not allowed Casey’s children to see him. A judge finally awarded Kerri a temporary conservatorship in May and Kerri removed her father from Jean’s home and checked him into a hospital on Sunday June 1.

Casey Kasem In Critical Condition

On Thursday, June 4, St. Anthony Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson updated CNN on Kasem’s condition, saying that the radio host was critical, but stable.

Mr. Kasem is alert and appears to be comfortable at this time,” Thompson said.

A representative of Kerri, Danny Deraney, told the media that Kasem was surrounded by friends and family, and said that other family members were on their way to Washington to join them. However, Deraney also stressed that they knew little of what the future holds for Kasem.

His health is worse. We’re just not sure how bad at this point," said Kerri’s rep.

On June 4, Kerri took to Facebook to ask that people send her ailing father their good wishes, writing, “Whatever it is you believe in, I ask that you take a moment and pray, or focus on sending love and healing energy to my father. He needs it right now.”

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