Tabloid sensation Casey Anthony will be released back into the public this Sunday and many speculate that she will be greeted by a less than friendly reception as she has received numerous death threats since her July 5 acquittal.

Anthony had spent the past three years in prison for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. The case has been closely followed by the media and highly controversial with it's verdict, as many are outraged that she will be set free this weekend. Anthony has only been convicted with four counts of lying to police officials during the case, as she had claimed that, after a month of being missing, a non-existent nanny had kidnapped her daughter and later on said that she had drowned in her family's swimming pool. Anthony was sentenced to four years in prison for these misdemeanors, but will only serve three due to good behavior.

One of Anthony's most outspoken critics has been her own father, George Anthony. A close source to the trial told ABC News that her father has made it well known that her daughter will not be attending any family barbecues in the near future as she will not be allowed to stay at home upon her release. In addition, George has spearheaded a campaign to pass Caylee's Law, a new piece of legislation that would make it a felony for a parent to not report a missing child after 24 hours. George has been urging people to sign an online petition that would see this law being put into effect. During the trial, Anthony's defense had accused both her father, George, and her brother, Lee Anthony, of molesting her at an early age resulting in her erratic behavior.

Many believe that Anthony will have a little more to fear than her family's judgment after her release, as she has received numerous death threats in prison and threatening messages on several Facebook pages. Professionals believe that the only way for Anthony to get a fresh start would be to relocate outside of the United States. "She will be made into a media nightmare," Michael Manetti, a former chief psychologist with the San Diego Police Department, told USA Today. "The smartest thing she can do is go far, far away."


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  • Sydney Ramsden
    Sydney Ramsden on

    Where can she possibly go from here? She's the most hated woman in America right now. Jail would probably be better than having to hide away somewhere.

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