Toys aren’t just for kids. Cartoon Network is teaming up with five new toy partners to release a string of products for Adult Swim’s wildly popular animated series Rick and Morty. Funko, Cryptozoic Entertainment, USAOpoly, PhatMojo and Astro Gaming are joining Jinx to develop and create new collectibles, games, cosplay sets and more based on the show.

Rick and Morty, which was created and is executively produced by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, is a hit with young adults. It follows a sociopathic genius scientist and his shy grandson on dangerous adventures. Season two premiered in July 2015 and was ranked #1 among adult demographics. The television series was picked up for a third season and is currently in production. Already available to fans are comics and an apparel collection based on the show.

It’s a huge market to target. Adult Swim is the #1 network with people aged 18-34 and 18-49 and its animated and live-action series reach 94 million television sets in the U.S. alone.

Each hardline partner will bring something different to the table. Funko will create more POP! vinyl figures and plush and Mystery Mini collectibles based on the show. Custom card and board games will be made available courtesy of Cryptozoic Entertainment–the Dice and Dares game sounds the most intriguing. USAOpoly will introduce a range of games, puzzles and cards, including a Rick and Morty version of Monopoly. Rick and Morty tags will be available for Astro Gaming’s wired and wireless gaming headphone. PhatMojo will provide adult Halloween costumes because who doesn’t want to wield Rick’s foam laser gun in a white lab coat?

Pete Yoder, vice president of Cartoon Network Enterprises, North America, said, “Each new partner will provide fans with an even deeper connection to the series, as the offering now expands into collectible figures, exciting games and more.”

It’s to be debated whether or not collecting consumer products actually does much more than rake in money for these enterprises, but nostalgia does have its selling points.

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