Carrie Underwood took the stage to perform her Grammy-winning song “Blown Away,” and stunned not only with her voice Sunday night, but with her dress that lit up with different images and patterns as she belted out the lyrics.

When Underwood initially walked out, she appeared to be wearing a relatively simple, almost prom styled silver gown.

Yet, as the song went on, an electric blue pattern started to take over the dress, eventually evolving into sparkles.

Soon the sparkles were replaced by falling rose petals, before transforming into a butterfly.

Eventually the singular butterfly mutated into dozens of orange monarchs that were echoed in the background of her staging.

Underwood’s performance gown was quite a change from her red carpet look. As she made her way into awards show she stunned in an understated, albeit somewhat revealing, Roberto Cavalli gown. The dress/projector screen she donned for the performance was designed by THEIA and measured at four and a half feet-wide.

Check out Carrie Underwood's full Grammy performance below:

CarUnd by yardie4lifever2