Carrie Underwood, 32, recently revealed that her experience on American Idol was “the most horrifying thing.”


Years after winning the fourth season of the hit reality series American Idol, Underwood expressed her true feelings about the competition. “Idol was probably the most horrifying thing because I had never been away from my hometown like that before,” she said in an interview with Parade magazine. “I was in L.A., of all places, by myself, putting myself out there, which is a scary thing for anybody to do.”

Only 22 years old at the time, being on her own for the first time, and in a new, exciting, yet emotionally challenging setting, was too much for the singer.

“My first plane ride was when I was going out to L.A. alone,” Underwood said. “I always kept in my head, if nothing else ever comes of this, I got to do the coolest thing ever and I won American Idol. I was like, okay, I will just have fun witht his and save up as much money as I can and finish school and get a real job, because I am always a practical thinker and would never allow myself to think it would turn out okay all the time.”

Despite overcoming all the obstacles American Idol brought with it and winning the entire competition, Underwood still gets nervous in front of a crowd. Although singing may not be a big problem, she still hasn’t mastered speaking to the audience. Underwood has a method, though, for dealing with this. “Talking yourself up is a big thing,” she explained. “People might think you are nuts talking to yourself and telling yourself how awesome you are, but it helps to say, ‘I am strong’.”

Underwood ‘s new country album, Storyteller, came out Oct. 23.