Country singer Heidi Merrill and three other songwriters have filed a lawsuit against NBC’s 2018 Sunday Night Football song, “Game On.” Merrill stated in the lawsuit that this song was stolen and named Carrie Underwood, NBC and the NFL in the suit.

Merill claimed that the version of “Game On” sung by Underwood is a copyright violation of the song Merrill had sent to Underwood’s production team in 2017. According to the lawsuit, Merrill sent the song to Underwood’s production team in August 2017 to use for the SNF theme. Merrill got an email from the team that October saying that Underwood would not be using the song.

This lawsuit also claimed that Merrill’s version of “Game On” and Underwood’s version are extremely similar. Merrill’s music video was put on YouTube during 2017, and Underwood’s version was shared in 2018.

This is Merrill’s version of “Game On” from 2017.

This is Underwood’s version of “Game On” from 2018.