Carrie Underwood has quietly managed to embark on a mission trip to Haiti with Danita's Children, a Christian nonprofit organization.

Photo Of Carrie Underwood On Mission Trip

On Tuesday, June 17, Rhea Lauren, a Nashville resident, posted a photo of her volunteer group posing as they get ready to enter Haiti, and fans recognized one of the volunteers as Underwood.

“The girls of the trip getting ready to cross the D.R./Haiti boarder this morning. Excited for our first day. So proud of everyone and how much we were able to accomplish! @danitaschildren #haiti #dentalmissiontrip,” Lauren captioned the photo.

Underwood can be spotted in on the left hand side of the photo, wearing a grey t-shirt and sunglasses. Her friend, Ivey Childers, is also in the photo.

Danita's Children

The mission trip is through Danita’s Children, a nonprofit focused on providing for orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti. The charity provides housing, education and food for hundreds of children, it also recently opened Danita’s Children Medical Center, where medical and dental care are offered to local patients. As a missionary, the organization has also built a church, the Hope for Haiti Worship Center, and employs four pastors. As part of their mission to evangelize, the Hope for Haiti Worship Center also offers “Safari Sunday School.” Danita’s Children also regularly sends mission teams to their location in Haiti.

Carrie Underwood Receives Humanitarian Award

Underwood has a reputation of being quite active in charity work’ in fact she recently received the Country Radio Broadcasters’ Humanitarian Award.

“I am super blessed and I’ve been given so much. If I did nothing but buy shiny things and spend it on stupid things, I just don’t think my mama would be proud of that, I don’t think I could be proud of that and I don’t think the good Lord would be too proud of that,” Underwood said in February.

While accepting the award, Underwood also noted that she prefers to be active in charity work as opposed to donating money and is especially concerned with devoting her time to helping children and animals.

“They [children] need us. They haven’t made any wrong decisions in their lives. They haven’t done anything to anyone that could be malicious. They live in the garden and they love and it’s our jobs to take care of them,” Underwood added.

Underwood has not confirmed her presence on the mission trip.

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