Despite the shiny new ring on her right hand, not much has changed for Carrie Underwood after marriage. The American Idol winner recently opened up about her two-month-old marriage to hockey player Mike Fisher, 30. Married life is "a lot like dating," she told Women’s Health.

"Sometimes our schedules will click, sometimes they won’t. But that’s good because we’re both independent," she said. Underwood, 28, is unfazed by the difficulty of managing two careers in one household. "It’s kind of nice because I get to miss him and I get excited to see him,” she told Access Hollywood. 

The country star, who grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma, is having a good time adjusting to life with her Canadian beau. "I love going to games, cheering for my man," she said. "When I come home, I’m accused of picking up the [Canadian] accent." –AMY LEE

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