The police interrupted Adam Levine and Late Late Night Show host James Corden‘s jam session to Maroon 5’s greatest hits for a Carpool Karaoke first. Sirens suddenly blared in the background while the two were singing “She Will Be Loved.”

In the lane next to the singing pair, an officer shouted from a police SUV, “We’re gonna pull you over so he can sing a song,” meaning Levine.

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Corden laughed and asked, “You want us to pull over so he can sing a song for you?” To which the officer replied, “Yes, because you’re causing a traffic hazard.”

Corden pulled the car over and the officer drove up to his side of the car. He advised them to “be careful” while singing and driving.

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Levine jokingly added, “We’re sorry officer, we’ll never let it happen again.”

After the run-in, Corden turned to Levine, confused by his calmness with the sheriff. Corden admitted, “I panicked in my absolute core.”

The two then continued on to sing “Moves Like Jagger,” “This Love,” “Sugar,” and “Wait” with intermittent discussion of Levine’s hidden talents and other points of conversation.

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