Iconic comedian Carol Burnett, 83, was bestowed with the SAG Life Achievement Award earlier this year by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both of whom adore her.

Burnett’s skills are about to come in handy again, because she’s going to host a new sitcom on ABC, which secured the “put pilot commitment.” Deadline broke the news concerning the return of an enduring figure in comedy.

Michael Saltzman and Poehler will serve as the executive producers, with the former also tasked with writing duties. Universal TV, which houses Poehler’s Paper Kite brand, will be the workshop for the project.

While the upcoming television program currently lacks a name, its premise is of a family that just purchased a new house. Here’s the catch: it’s a home that would ordinarily be out of their price range, but a special arrangement has permitted them to move in with its current tenant until she passes away. Their new housemate, a senior actress, will be portrayed by Burnett, which should provide the group with plenty of hijinks.

Saltzman, now an accomplished figure in humor himself, was raised watching The Carol Burnett Show, and it left an impression on him. He told Deadline about his working relationship with the talented actress, and how their new project came to fruition. He and Marcia Brandwynne, who helmed Burnett’s production company, were instrumental in bringing this venture together.

One of Burnett’s previous endeavors was the comedy series Carol & Company, which ran for two seasons on NBC over two decades ago. She led the aforementioned The Carol Burnett Show back in the 70s, which kept audiences entertained for 11 seasonsStephen Colbert invited Brunett last year to The Late Show in part to celebrate the DVD release of The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes, but she stayed to usurp the stage from its usual host. Needless to say, her style hasn’t dulled over the decades.

Are you excited to see one of the leading ladies in comedy return to television? 

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