Carly Fiorina was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, and regaled the audience with a cute song about her dog, Snickers.


Republican Presidential Candidate, Fiorina, who recently gave a forceful performance during the second presidential debate, was one of Jimmy Fallon‘s guest for Monday night’s show. During the show, Fallon brought up that Fiorina had mentioned backstage that she sings songs to her grandchildren, and that she makes up songs that she sings to her dogs.

“Yes, I have two dogs, Snickers and Max,” Fiorina said. “They’re Yorkshire Terriers. But I have to explain. See, I make up songs. My mother and I used to sing together all the time, and I sing to my granddaughters…”

“Is it dorky?” Fallon interrupted.


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“Dorky?” Fiorina said, giving Fallon a sharp look. “My dogs are not dorky.”

“No, no, no. Is the singing dorky?” Fallon explained. “’Cause I know, I sing to my dog and it is dorky.”

Fiorina then agreed to sing one verse out of a four-verse song she made up about her dog Snickers. The audience clapped along as Fiorina sang her song to the tune of “Rock Around the Clock,” and Fallon clapped his hands enthusiastically and laughed at the witty lyrics.

Fiorina and Fallon also discussed how she came to be where she is today, religion and its benefits, and how Trump and Putin bear similar characteristics. Fiorina had met Putin once during an APAC economic conference in Beijing.

“The two of them have a lot in common actually,” Fiorina said of Trump and Putin. She then told Fallon about her first-hand experience meeting the President of Russia. “I would describe him as a formidable adversary. He’s very confident. He’s very, he actually can be quite funny and charming. But he’s a KGB guy, you know, we should never forget this, and he lusts for power and he’s gathered up a lot of it.”

“I’m afraid to meet him,” Fallon said, making the audience laugh. “Scares me.”

Fiorina also talked about how she thinks it’s wrong that Ben Carson wouldn’t advocate a Muslim becoming president.

“It says in our Constitution that religion cannot be a [religious] test for office,” Fiorina explained. “It is also true that this country was founded on the principal that we judge each individual, and that anyone of any faith is welcome here. I actually believe that people of faith make better leaders.” She went on to state how her faith has helped her through tough times in her own life, and that she would be fine with a president of any faith.

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