Carlos Santana is now recovering after a medical scare where he briefly passed out onstage during a concert in Michigan on Tuesday.

The legendary guitarist was in the middle of his Pine Knob Music Theatre performance in Clarkson, Michigan when he collapsed due to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

He was quickly assessed by the venue’s medical staff, who covered him with a tarp and administered first aid. The show was canceled, and Santana was transported to a local hospital’s emergency room.

Santana’s team released a statement hours later confirming that he was “over-taken by heat exhaustion and dehydration,” and that he’s set to recover just fine.

The show was part of Santana’s Miraculous Supernatural Tour and features the band Earth Wind & Fire. A video from the concert recorded by a fan shows the first moments where Santana stops playing and slouches on the stage.

The musician has still been touring heavily despite his recent health problems, but a show in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on July 6 has been postponed to give him more time to recover. He also tested positive for Covid-19 in February but said he was “doing well” with it.

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