Cardi B, most famously known for her rapping and songwriting, posed in a casual Balenciaga outfit on Instagram a few days ago, showing off her love for fashion and the luxury brand. The star first modeled for the brand during its fall campaign this year.

“Balenciaga mama,” she captioned the stunningly neon green ensemble.

Her white hoodie is from the brand’s spring-summer 2020 collection, which was partially modeled after popular political campaign imagery in a satirical comment on modern political figures and their often overly vague and idealistic promises. The choice of top is fitting, as Cardi B has become known in recent months for her strong political stance, openly critiquing Donald Trump while endorsing Bernie Sanders and other Democratic leaders and policies. Her status as a political commentator has even culminated in her interview of Joe Biden during his 2020 presidential campaign.

Cardi B paired the sweatshirt with a neon green version of Balenciaga’s Knife Shark boots to match her brightly colored shades, making her simple outfit retail for over $3,145. However, the star doesn’t always make her outfits so pricey – she is also a Fashion Nova partner, and has praised the company and its jeans highly.

“I don’t care if it cost $20 or $15,” she told Business of Fashion in a 2018 interview. “If it looks good on me, it looks good on me. I can style it up.”

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