Rapper Cardi B took the stand to testify for her libel suit against YouTuber LaTasha “Tasha K” Kebe and provided emotional testimony about the effect of several allegedly false claims Kebe made about her. The trial began on Monday in Atlanta.

Kebe has a YouTube channel with around 1 million subscribers and a blog which are both dedicated to celebrity news gossip. Kebe’s first outlandish video about Cardi was uploaded in 2018 when she said that Cardi and Offset’s child Kulture was at risk of being born with birth defects. Kebe has also made many other claims including that Cardi was a prostitute, that she used cocaine, and that she has both herpes and HPV.

Cardi told the court “I felt extremely suicidal” in the wake of seeing Kebe’s videos and shared that the videos made her feel like “I didn’t deserve my kid.”

Kebe has denied wrongdoing and attempted to file a lawsuit of her own against Cardi for assault and emotional distress caused by Cardi publically calling her out. A judge has dismissed Kebe’s suit.

Kebe has already been questioned by Cardi B’s attorneys. She apparently admitted to jurors that she knowingly published lies about the rapper to generate revenue for her website, which could be crucial evidence to secure a court victory for Cardi.

The trial has been adjourned until next Tuesday when Cardi will likely be cross-examined by Kebe’s defense attorneys.

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