Kim Kardashian has always explained that her new looks come from regular visits to the dermatologist and “a little” Botox.

Despite this, an ongoing debate has raged on with many claiming that surgery is the only feasible answer to her ever-changing appearance.

This debate resurfaced after Cardi B stated that Kardashian gave her a list of plastic surgeon recommendations for a corrective nose job that she had done in 2020. This came up when the rapper discussed her experience with plastic surgery after her nose filler procedure went wrong.

Kardashian is known for having laser treatments done to maintain her figure and has reportedly eliminated carbs and sugars from her diet. However, she repeatedly denies going under the knife.


Fans have compared Cardi B’s frankness about the pros and cons of getting work done with Kardashian’s failure to address the luxuries she has access to in order to maintain her figure, including personal chefs, home trainers and digital editing tools.

The most widespread rumor is that Kardashian had a nose job done due to the facial feature looking smaller in past pictures of the star. “People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t. It does look smaller. Maybe it’s the contour I use,” Kardashian said.

After an interview with Allure was published last summer where she claimed that she never had fillers or had anything done to her face, the star received online backlash with fans accusing her of “gaslighting.”

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