Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, who was hailed a hero after a viral video showed him luring a mob of rioters away from the Senate chambers, attended the presidential inauguration on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol as a VIP.

In the video, the officer is seen being chased up the stairs of the Capitol building by a mob of pro-Trump rioters. Goodman repeatedly told the rioters to stop advancing, but the mob of all white men, led by the now-arrested Doug Jensen in a Q-anon shirt, continue following the single black cop up the stairs.

Goodman pushed Jensen back, but cannot stop the mob from chasing him. Jensen has been arrested on five federal charges including violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building and obstructing a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder.

Goodman led them away from the open doors that lead down a hallway to the entrance of the Senate chambers.

Goodman saw that the Senate was to his left and decided to lead the crowd away from the politicians, possibly saving their lives.

“This moment in ⁦@igorbobic⁩ stunning footage. In front of the officer, coming up the stairs, is a mass of rioters,” she tweeted. “The USCP officer glances to his left. Between those two chairs is the entrance to the senate floor. He lured them to his right, away from their targets.”

At one point in the clip, Jensen looked down the hallway before deciding to follow the officer. Eventually, Goodman led the crowd to an open room where several other officers enter to help control the mob.

A picture from the New York Times shows Goodman as “the one person standing between democracy and the rule of tyrants,” according to former Tennessee Democratic nominee for Senate Christopher Hale.

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