Canelo Alvarez bested top-tier boxer Austin Trout in their face off in the ring during Saturday’s match.

Alvarez, 22, has long been after the chance to face one of boxing’s best, Floyd Mayweather. He attempted and failed to book a fight against him over Cinco de Mayo Weekend. Alvarez, not taking kindly to the slight, said, "I have no need for Mayweather to impose conditions … I can have my own fans, my own event and my own history. I'm tired of being accessible to fight him, since he never was real in what he was talking,” he told SB Nation. “The truth is he does not want to fight me. I will continue doing my own history."

Mayweather replied to the young fighter with the expected amount of hubris. “Let's see if he's going to do his own pay-per-view show. I bet he don't,” he said. “Man, his red-head, freckle-faced ass better just sit back and wait in line. If I feel like choosing him, I'll choose him. If you get a lottery ticket, then you step up to the plate and you get your payday. Right now, Guerrero has his lottery ticket."

The fight and accompanying crowd produced by the matchup between Alvarez and Trout was nothing to shrug at. Forty-thousand fans showed up to watch Alvarez take Trout down. With the win and his obvious ability to draw large crowds, he might just get his chance against Mayweather in September. Furthermore, the two boxers, who share the same weight class, are both locked into the Showtime network to air their fights.

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