Candice Swanepoel fell on the runway at the Givenchy show at New York Fashion Week on Friday.

Candice Swanepoel Falls On The Givenchy Runway

Swanepoel was walking in the Givenchy show in a sheer, 3/4-length dress featuring ankle-length lace paired with tall, black, stiletto ankle boots, when she had a tumble. Swanepoel, 26, who is also a Victoria’s Secret Angel and the new face of Givenchy’s fall ads, appeared to lose her footing mid-show, falling face-forward to the floor. Swanepoel managed to catch herself before her face hit the ground, but just barely.

Seeing the fall, audience members sitting in the front row stood up and offered their hands to the supermodel, helping her get back on her feet quickly. Swanepoel straightened her dress and continued walking down the catwalk, making light of her fall by giving a short, exaggerated bow.

Swanepoel later addressed her fall on Instagram, sharing a photo of her skinned knees. “Thank you to who ever picked me up off the runway tonight. Left with little scratches but mostly a bruised ego,” she wrote.

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