Caitlyn Jenner showed her thanks to plastic surgeon Dr. Harrison Lee with a signed copy of her Vanity Fair cover issue.

Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Plastic Surgeon Harrison Lee

“To Harrison, Great Job. Thank you so much. Caitlyn Jenner,” Jenner wrote on the Vanity Fair cover, which can be seen in a picture of her with Lee that was posted by one of Lee’s employees. “So impressed by my boss Dr Harrison Lee’s phenomenal work and being part of Caitlyn’s transformation,” wrote the employee, named Vilma.

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“I don’t want to show off, but I think she’s ecstatic with the results,” Lee, who presided over Jenner’s facial feminization procedure, told E! News. “She healed remarkably fast. Maybe because she’s an Olympic athlete… I mean, at 65, she is in remarkable health.”

While Lee took care of Jenner’s facial surgery, which included a brow lift and a softening of the jaw, Dr. Gary Alter performed surgery on Jenner’s body.

“I thought she looked absolutely beautiful [in Vanity Fair],” Alter told the New York Daily News. “She’s extremely pleased with her transition. She’s getting along with her life in the manner that she’s always dreamed.”

“This is a cultural milestone for transgender patients,” Alter added. “This enables other transgender patients to be better accepted and enables society to better understand what they go through… She has just been a tremendous asset for the transgender community, building better understanding of what transgender people go through psychologically, the difficulty of living with this secret – one of the ultimate secrets you can keep.”

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