Caitlyn Jenner hosted a special screening of Tangerine with star Mya Taylor and producers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass at the Landmark Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif., Monday.

‘Tangerine’ Screening

Indie comedy Tangerine follows transgender sex worker Sin-Dee (Kitana Rodriguez) after she comes out of jail to learn that her pimp boyfriend has been cheating on her. With the help of her best friend Alexandra (Taylor), she tracks down the unfaithful boyfriend and the other woman across L.A.

Jenner, who came out as trans earlier this year, admitted that watching the film was a learning experience for her about the lives of fellow trans people.

“I learned so much from this film… For me it was brutally honest. Stories like this are nothing but good for our community,” Jenner told Vanity Fair at the screening. “This was a real movie about real issues in our community. We need to expose those.”

The Tangerine screening Monday was arranged to help Taylor’s campaign for a supporting actress nod for the 2016 Academy Awards. Thus far, Taylor has won a Gotham Award for breakthrough actor/actress, and has been nominated for best supporting actress at the Independent Spirit Awards.

“Your performance was magnificent… I’m really, really proud of you,” Jenner said to Taylor at a post-screening reception.

Sean Baker‘s Tangerine, which was released to critical acclaim earlier this year, is now available on DVD, on iTunes and on streaming services, including Netflix.

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