Busta Rhymes was arrested in a New York City gym after allegedly throwing a protein drink at one of the gym’s employees, causing cuts on his head, on Wednesday night. Police said “the worker was not seriously injured but pressed charges.”

Rhymes was working out at the Steel Gym, in the Chelsea neighborhood, and wanted to bring a cameraman to film him doing his workout. The gym employee refused to let the cameraman enter the gym. At this point, things escalated and Rhymes threw water at the employee, who responded by doing the same.

The next day, Rhymes allegedly became angry at the same employee again and threw his Muscle Milk protein drink bottle at his head. Police arrived on the scene, charged him with second-degree assault and took him into custody from which he was released during the night without any bail, since he had entered a not-guilty plea.

He was ordered to appear in court on Nov. 6. Rhyme’s lawyer Scott Leemon told the New York Daily News that the incident was “ridiculous.” “It was literally a bottle of Muscle Milk,” he said. “This is clearly an attempt by someone to take advantage of Busta.”

Rhymes reacted on Instagram a few hours after the incident, thanking “everyone who helped expedite this evening.” He said he’s “super good” and “back to the grind.” The rapper told his fans he was “heading to the studio to turn the bulls—t into GREATNESS.”

Rhymes’ next studio album Extinction Level Event 2 is set to be released in early 2016.

Instagram / Busta Rhymes Arrested In New York For Having Thrown Protein Drink

Instagram / Busta Rhymes Arrested In New York For Having Thrown Protein Drink

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