The Bush family, who has kept mostly to itself since George W. Bush left office, is now in the spotlight after a hacker broke into various email accounts.

The hacker, whose online alias is “Guccifier,” hacked into six separate email accounts of people associated with the Bush family. Among them are the accounts of Dorothy Bush Koch (daughter of George H. W. Bush and sister to George W. Bush), Willard Heminway (friend of George H.W. Bush), Jim Nantz (sportscaster and Bush family friend), Barbara Bush’s brother, and George H.W. Bush’s sister-in-law, according to a report by The Smoking Gun.

While many of the hacked emails provide relatively innocuous information, others reveal details that pose a danger to their privacy, including phone numbers and even addresses. One of the emails included a four-digit code for a security gate.

An email entitled “Report on Dad” sent by son Neil Bush to the rest of the Bush clan gave details on the 41st president's health. An email from the then ailing Bush’s former chief of staff said, “your dad’s funeral team is having an emergency meeting at 10 a.m. just to go through all the details,” revealing the severity of the former president’s illness. Another hacked email exposed a personal email from President Obama that stated, “Michelle and I haven’t wanted to impinge on you while you are recuperating, but please know that we are thinking of you and the entire family."

Photos were also found by the email hacker, including family photos of Jeb Bush, former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, George W. Bush with Ralph Lauren and again with a cardboard cutout of himself dressed like a French painter. Apparently the 43rd president is actually quite the painter, as a self-portrait of him showering and another of him in a bathtub were found to have been sent by him to his sister. He also sent a picture of himself painting St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Me.

“Guccifer” has been in the business of hacking for a long time, he told The Smoking Gun. Apparently he has little concern for the investigation he’s brought upon himself with his latest hack job. “I have an old game with the f—ing bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game.”

— Chelsea Regan

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