Burke Ramsay gave his first interview about his sister JonBenet Ramsey‘s death to Dr. Phil, 20 years after the child beauty pageant’s murder shocked the nation.

Burke Ramsay On JonBenet Ramsay’s Death

Although two decades have passed since JonBenet’s death, investigators are still stumped as to who committed the tragic crime. Since the beginning of the investigation, many have believed that some combination of the Ramsey family – father John Ramsey, the late mother Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother Burke – were responsible.

“It blows my mind. What more evidence do you need that we didn’t do it?” Burke, now 29, told Dr. Phil. “People still can’t get that in their head that we didn’t do it.”

As for some sort of a coverup by Burke’s parents, he said, “You won’t find any evidence because that’s not what happened.”


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Who does Burke think killed his sister? According to him, the most likely suspect is “probably some pedophile in the pageant audience” that had seen JonBenet perform.

Burke claims to hold onto the hope that JonBenet’s murder will be solved in his lifetime. While investigators continue to look into the matter, Burke has no desire to speak out again and seems to hope more than anything that his family stops being blamed for his sister’s death.

“I have no intention to speak out … in the future,” Burke told Dr. Phil. “The real story here is not that a child was murdered. The real story is what was done to us by [the system].”

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