Bryan Cranston’s car was allegedly broken into by Xavier McAfee, who has since been arrested in Bernalillo County, N.M. Among the contents of Cranston’s stolen brown shoulder bag were an iPad and a script for the final season of his hit TV show, Breaking Bad.

McAfee, 29, was taken into custody on Friday, Mar. 22, police told E! News. He’s accused of breaking into Cranston’s Audi last December and stealing his bag that contained the script.

"We received info from a confidential informant that he knew of an individual having a script from Breaking Bad and wanted to know if anyone wanted to buy an iPad," Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department spokesman Aaron Williamson said.

"[Cranston] had driven up there and parked his car and walked out to the lookout to take in the views of the city,” Williamson continued. “He was only gone for 10 minutes and realized his car, an Audi, has been broken into.”

According to law enforcement, McAfee was not targeting the actor in pursuit of the Breaking Bad script. However, his accidental thievery of it is sure to worry those involved with the show. It’s uncertain if the stolen script was just for a single scene, an episode or for the entire final season. Hopefully, the burglary won’t result in any major leaks for the AMC drama.

Breaking Bad’s final 8 episodes will begin airing in summer 2013.

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