Bryan Cranston attended the Maui Film Festival this week, where he was honored with a Navigator Award.

He raised eyebrows by suggesting that he’s open to the possibility of a Malcolm in The Middle reunion. “I sure hope so,” Cranston told E! “I really do, for no other reason than that I miss those people like crazy and I stay in touch with them. There’s a possibility. We want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later.”

He suggested the possibility of a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu after shows like Full House, now titled Fuller House, and the comeback of the Gilmore Girls. 

“You and I have seen this business change before our eyes,” Cranston said. “I don’t know how it works. I don’t know how everything works anymore, but all I want to do is tell the story and have a good experience.”

In the Fox series, Cranston played the father, Hal, of the title character played by Frankie Muniz. Malcolm was a boy genius suffering in a normal family. The show ran for six years and won seven Emmys.

Cranston starred in the hit series Breaking Bad and will be seen next in The Infiltrator which will hit theaters on July 13.

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