Bruce Willis has been laying low since the recent news of his retirement due to being diagnosed with aphasia broke, but his wife Emma Heming Willis recently shared a short clip of him enjoying a game of basketball with some friends.

The rare sighting of Willis was from a post on his wife’s Instagram Story. Heming captioned the photo “I see you BeeDub,” and she was likely behind the camera filming the game. Willis was playing with two friends and was passed the ball. A friend makes like he’s going to block, then steps aside as Willis makes the shot.

It’s great to see the actor being active and spending time with some close friends. Emma recently admitted that caring for both her husband and daughters has been a hard adjustment and she tends to “put my family’s needs before my own.”

In a video uploaded to her account’s main feed, Emma took her and Willis’ daughters, Evelyn and Mabel, on a beautiful-looking hike in Los Angeles. Another post from their outdoor adventures somewhere else had a mention of Willis’s love for plant life.

“As my husband would say, ‘the jacarandas are in bloom!’ I swear if things didn’t work out for Bruce in Hollywood, he could [have] become an arborist. Our knowledge of trees and their names is all my husband’s doing,” Heming wrote alongside a picture of her daughters posing under a blooming, well, jacaranda.

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