“Happy Valentine’s Day! Best way to wake up ever. I love you so much, baby!! I’m so lucky I get you forever!” Nicola Peltz captioned her Valentine’s Day post of her husband, Brooklyn Beckham.

In the picture, towel-clad Beckham can be seen holding a massive rose arrangement in the shape of a heart.

Beckham returns the favor and posts a picture of the two on his Instagram and captions it, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever baby x I’m the luckiest man I get to have you as my valentines every year forever.”

On February 12, Peltz shared more pictures of Brooklyn to her Instagram stories answering questions about behind-the-scenes moments of their relationship.

When asked for relationship advice, she said, “Marry your best friend,” over a picture of the two in a sauna with Beckham playing with some of the plants.

When asked her favorite thing about Beckham, over a picture of him in a large wooly hat, she answered, “His heart is so pure, he’s truly kind.”

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