Britney Spears‘ new nude Instagram photos raise concerns from fans. The singer has been active on social media since the end of her conservatorship. Just recently, she shared three different sets of naked pictures taken in Mexico before she got pregnant with her first child with fiancé Sam Asghari. The posts made her fans worried about the “Toxic” singer’s mental health.

“Honey, this is not how you come out of a conservatorship where you are accused of being crazy,” one user wrote under her post. “There are do many other ways to exhibit your freedom. So many other ways to display your feminine power. This isn’t it. Re-evaluate what the point is that you are trying to put out there and don’t post every single urge you have on Instagram. Use your judgment and if you can do that, than maybe seek more therapy etc. This is your chance to switch up your platform. But right now, as the public looking in, it seems no different than before.”

“I love you Brit but you’re concerning me,” another user added.

While part of her fans expressed their concern about the singer’s behavior, others went on to defend her and show their support.

“I swear, people forget that Britney was in prison of her father’s design for the past 13 years,” photographer Matt Bernstein wrote. “She missed the years when we were all terrible at Instagram and used those tacky in-app filters. She’s feeling herself. Let her be.”

Even expert psychologists went on to say that Spears is currently exploring what freedom means after 13 years of conservatorship.

“I think that her father, it sounds like, had such a tight rope around her that now she is expressing her freedom as she wishes and this is what she’s presenting,” psychotherapist Dr. Rob Ludwig. “It’s mildly inappropriate. It seems like something’s off. And there’s no editing going on. So we’re seeing Britney just say, ‘If I want to show my body, I’ll show my body.’ There are no boundaries.”

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