On Monday, just days after Jamie Spears was removed from Britney Spears‘ conservatorship, Britney thanked her fans on Twitter. Although not free of her conservatorship yet, the singer thanked fans for their “constant resilience” and assured them that her “life is now in that direction!”

Spears has been under the control of her father, Jamie, since 2008 when she entered the conservatorship in order to help with her mental health. Jamie took control over much of Spears’ personal life and finances. Despite Spears’ recovery since 2008, she had been trapped in the legal agreement for some time now. Partially due to the #FreeBritney movement, the public was made aware of her situation and the issues of conservatorship abuse.

Spears also tweeted “I feel your hearts and you feel mine …” acknowledging her fans’ hard work in helping her on the path towards freedom.

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