While working on her “Work B—ch” music video, Britney Spears allegedly broke the nose of one of her backup dancers, who is now suing her for damages.

Britney Spears Sued

Dancer Dawn Noel, represented by Sark Ohanian, filed a lawsuit on Monday against Spears, reported TMZ. In the filing, Noel claims that during rehearsal for the “Work B—ch” music video at the Woodland Hills, Calif., studio, Spears, behind on the choreography, swung her arm in her direction and broke her nose.

Spears arrived at the studio “in a disheveled and confused state,” according to Noel. Unbalanced while performing a twirl in the routine, Spears allegedly struck Noel in the face. Noel claims that everyone present heard the crack and that Spears only said she was sorry and failed to pause rehearsal.

“Plaintiff Dawn Noel felt immediate intense pain and grabbed her nose, at which time defendant Britney Spears said "sorry" and then continued to attempt to learn the dance routine,” according to the lawsuit, reported the Daily Mail.

Apparently Spears and her team promised that Noel’s medical bills would be paid for after learning that she needed surgery for a nasal bone fracture. However, Noel claims that she hasn’t seen any money.

“After months of waiting for defendants to come through with their promise, and making certain that this incident did not become public knowledge to protect the privacy of all involved, defendants' representative then advised that they would not pay for any of plaintiff's medical treatment,” reads the lawsuit.

Thus far, there’s been no comment from Spears or her reps.

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