Britney Spears, 40, continues to express her freedom by doing one of the things she does best: dance. She delivered some fierce moves in Maui on February 5, as she showed off her figure in a yellow bikini.

“Yellow hello!!!! So the gym in Maui was beautiful and working out is way better in Maui especially when you can squeeze in ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ movements outside by the fountain!!!! Pssss had to do the hula dance!!!” Britney captioned the clip. 

An hour after she shared a video of her dancing outside, she showed off another video of her flaunting moves at a gym. 

She was in the same outfit, walked on a treadmill, lifted weights, and did other workouts with equipment as the Nicki Minaj lyrics to “Bang Bang” played in the background. 

“So I was a little too excited for my trip to Maui!!!! I might have overdone it a bit…. I mean I was extremely excited to be there!!!! Here’s me at the gym doing an intense workout … I’m sweating A LOT!!!! Honestly after being that sick before I have the need to survive in a different way !!!! Being present in the utmost way!!!!! Pushing it just a TOUCH does wonders in my opinion… God speed… God speed!!!!!”

Her fiance, Sam Asghari, who has supported her every step of her long legal battle, made sure to compliment his “lioness” on Spear’s Instagram post. 

For Spears, posting her sultry dance moves on her social media pages is the way she knows how to communicate after being silenced for so many years. Her choreographer, Brian Friedman, who created some of her iconic dances, told the New York Times“I feel like that was her way of being able to be in control of something because she didn’t have control over so much.” 

Things are starting to look up for the “Gimme More” singer, as her future has limitless possibilities with a wedding to plan, possibly a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, and hints of upcoming new music. 

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