Britney Spears is speaking out again about her family’s “abusive practices” during her conservatorship while reflecting on when the pop singer thought she had cancer. 

Spears blasted her family for pretending to “help” her with depression in a series of now-deleted Instagram Stories. 

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fan account that has a screenshot of the post read, “The only thing honestly disturbing about me is depression … but you don’t take people out of their homes for that!!!,” she said.  

Recalling her time at a treatment center, the star went on: “There was a different nurse every day looking at me when I changed … not having a say on absolutely anything … depression is getting stuck in dark moments in your head … well … that whole four-month experience amplified my depression by 100!!!” 

The 40-year-old singer claimed that the people who worked for her strictly monitored and limited her freedom to go anywhere. “The people who worked for me stood at the doors saying I couldn’t go anywhere… I honestly thought they were trying to kill me … cus it seemed to me like some sick joke when I would call and say I’d been working here for two weeks… when can I have the keys to my care and go home??? Their response… you can come and go when we tell you we can,” she added. “I need boundaries … I need to know you can’t just leave me here every day!!!”

Spears said that she was told she had to stay at the “treatment home” for two months and then attend a second facility for another month. But nobody knew when she was allowed to go home. “I felt like it stunted my growth when I was there!!! I could only use my upper body because I had to sit in a chair eight hours a day and gave like eight gallons of blood every week!!!” 

Spears went on to say that she was “too nice in the conservatorship and never spoke up,” she said. “I couldn’t get angry or scream or anything!!! I felt suffocated!!! At one point I thought … Wait, do I have cancer and they don’t want me to know and this is some secret therapy for people with cancer???” 

She has also stated that “high doses of lithium” had left her unable to speak and “extremely ill” in the center. 

Addressing why she was sharing this information now, Spears said she wanted to “let people know sometimes the system of nurses and doctors can be a ploy to make others NOT better… to make the more sick so they can stay on board and profit.” 

Still, she said she hadn’t “even come close to sharing all of what they did.” Spears promised that in the future, things would unfold before concluding her post with “I still dream about spitting in their fucking faces.” 

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