She boosted Glee to its highest ratings ever, but Britney Spears is still not allowed to have control of her own life and financial decisions. After a meeting with judge Reva Goetz on Thursday to discuss ending her father's conservatorship over her, it was determined that it would stay in place for now.

The conservatorship was set in place in 2008, after the pop star's very public meltdown, where she shaved her head on camera among other noteworthy bizarre acts. Her father, the official conservator, also met separately with the judge. Though Goetz said she had "a very nice conversation" with the singer, 29, she found that she was still "susceptible to outside influence," according to BBC News.

She added further that it was necessary because of Spears' complex financial situation. The conservatorship will remain in place indefinitely. –AMY LEE

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