Decades after the spike of her career as a Playboy and Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson is still taking the media by storm — and this year on January 31, she gave the world a glimpse into her untold sides through the release of a memoir called Love, Pamela and the Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story.


Among the fans of her recent work is the “Toxic” and “Oops!… I Did it Again” singer Britney Spears, who praised Anderson’s sons for standing beside their mother through whirlwind marriages, the infamous 1996 sex tape scandal and the intense spotlight she got as an American sex icon in the scrutinous public eye.

“Pamela gave me an understanding that people should support you exactly where you are in that moment of your life … unless cruelty rules the world,” Spears wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I really respect the fact that her children stood up for her relating to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from the past.”

For many, one of the most shocking revelations in the documentary was that the actress and her ex-husband Tommy Lee never received a penny for their stolen sex tape.

Brandon Thomas Lee, Anderson’s older son and a producer on the film, revealed that he wishes his mother would have signed the paperwork to earn money on the tape, however.

She watched her career “fizzle” away when she could have made millions, he said, emphasizing that his mother has always put soul and her morals over capital profits.

“I’ve known her my whole life, but when I think of my mom, I think of an incredibly well-read, intelligent, well-spoken, kind-hearted, passionate person, and I just think the world has never really seen her like that,” Brandon told People. “At the end of the day, I think people haven’t given her enough credit or really another chance to recapture herself before a lot of these really awful things happened to her.”

Anderson’s longstanding struggle to reclaim her narrative hit a tender spot for Spears, who acknowledged in that same Instagram post her own experiences watching oftentimes inaccurate, “embarrassing” second-hand documentaries made about her personal life and career.

She is happy that Anderson, a woman whose story she continues to respect and take pride in following, received the opportunity to voice her identity in its most original, vulnerable forms — and to tell her version of the events that happened.

Spears’s own strained relationship with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline as well as a 13-year conservatorship with father Jamie, has put her through a roller coaster of emotions and self-introspection in the past few years.

Jayden and Sean have objected to their mom’s frequent nude social media posts.

Allegedly a response to Jayden’s 2022 interview with People — in which he explained his and Sean’s decision to not attend their mother’s wedding with Sam Asghari and defended his grandfather against overwhelming media hatred for his involvement in the conservatorship — Britney said she felt sorrow for not living up to the expectations of a mother that her children had.

She noted that she has always tried to be the best person she could, hoping that her sons will one day look back on her darkest moments and understand her enduring mental health challenges and abuse suffered at the hand of family members.

The statement continued with Britney sending her unconditional love for her boys and clarifying that some of her greatest projects in the music industry were done for them, but the post has since been flooded with public commentary criticizing Spears for attacking her sons openly on social media.

In response to Spears’s post, Brandon commented: “Thank you for this. You and my mom have both deserved better.”

The pop princess is expected to release her own memoir with Simon & Schuster soon and has already announced the completion of its manuscript, but her team is currently navigating the reality of paper shortages, inflation costs, labor cuts and other market problems in the global publishing industry.

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