Britney Spears, 34, has been performing a residency at Las Vegas’s Planet Hollywood since 2013 and knows her set extremely well, as she was completely unfazed by a recent wardrobe malfunction.


While performing “I Love Rock N’ Roll,” the singer’s strappy top came undone and flipped forward, though she grabbed it before anything was exposed. A backup dancer came over and retied the string, but the same thing happened again moments later. This time multiple dancers aided the singer, but the top must have been broken. During her hit “Gimme More,” even while wearing a midriff-baring jean jacket, the top broke off again.

Almost as if it was part of the show, a male dancer took off his button-up plaid shirt and sexily put it on the singer. The men surrounded her while she buttoned it up and continued with the show.

Spears never missed a beat the entire time. Her performance remained flawless despite the wardrobe issues. The mother of two, though still young, has proved herself to be a veteran performer as she handled the problem. To be fair, this is not the first time this has happened, but Spears still rocked the show.

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