Britney Spears has denounced her parents, declaring that they “THRIVED AND LIVED WITH DRAMA.”

On Friday, the pop star shared and then deleted a lengthy Instagram post critical of her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears.

“I always used to hate the way my mom thrived on drama … she would literally scream from the rooftops … no lie!!!” the “Toxic” singer wrote. “All night long arguing with a drunk man who couldn’t even talk … Why??? I was the one who never got any sleep … It was just one night it was every night of my life!!!”

Spears explained that she was raised to dismiss therapy, “I mean MY PARENTS never went to therapy they THRIVED AND LIVED WITH DRAMA every day of their f–king lives…I was always extremely embarrassed to talk about my personal life and still am to this day. I believe you take it to God … it’s none of anybody’s business … That’s why forcing me so long to talk in therapy has never been my style yet at this point … my family has broken me so much I do need a little therapy.”

Alongside the tirade, Spears posted a photo of a rainbow.

“I’m posting a pic of a rainbow I saw in Maui yesterday … after every STORM there will always be a rainbow … that’s God’s promise!!!”

“God’s rainbow outweighs the storm infinitely and that’s the message I want to send to my mother and sister whose books were what I should have said and the storm… So when you look at this rainbow mother please understand this and this only… I am a woman now!!!”

She ended her message by saying, “I am not the type of person to air dirty laundry but I’m sure as hell not going to sit back and be my family’s Jesus Christ!!! I will speak up and blow the f–king house down!! My family again I will SAY IT…took it way too far with me I’m still not done…and F YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY F–ING HEART!!!”

Last year, Spears succeeded first in having Jamie removed as her conservator and then released from her conservatorship.

Since then, the singer has been vocal in criticizing her parents and younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears.

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